Verniana — Jules Verne Studies / Etudes Jules Verne — Volume 7 (2014–2015) — 17–62

Les avatars cinématographiques du Michel Strogoff de Joseph N. Ermolieff

Philippe Burgaud


Jules Verne's novels were often adapted for the cinema, but some adaptations of Michael Strogoff deserve a special mention. The producer J.N. Ermolieff had the good idea to make several versions with the same actor in the role of Michael Strogoff, and even a version in which, with another actor, he reused the footage of battle scenes or movements of crowds of the first version. This set of four versions represent a curiosity produced in the thirties and forties. Being the first speaking version of this novel, the French and German versions of Michael Strogoff were followed by an American version and finally by a Mexican version. Many advertisements and newspaper articles (ads and reports) accompanied the release of the films in many countries.

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