Verniana — Jules Verne Studies / Etudes Jules Verne — Volume 10 (2017–2018) — 1–90

History of Vernian Studies

Jean-Michel Margot


The study of Jules Verne's œuvre began during his own lifetime. In 1966 his works came into the public domain and many French publishers began to reprint them in special editions. New, more accurate, translations soon followed, and Verne scholars discovered previously unpublished pieces. This history of Vernian studies is a chronological overview of research about Verne and his writings published in Europe and around the world, from the 19th century to today. It identifies a number of milestones in the publishing of Verne's works and it chronicles the rise and evolution of Vernian criticism. The purpose of this article is to aid new students and researchers interested in Jules Verne by enhancing their understanding of previous studies and to help them to avoid “reinventing the wheel” in their own research.

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